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Artist biography

- Honorary Member of the International Academy of Contemporary Arts
- member of the International Art Foundation
- member of the Eurasian Art Union
- member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia
- member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia
- member of the Union of Watercolorists of Russia

Russian artist Olga Nikolaeva is the creator of a unique technique in computer and digital technologies - computer graphics with fractals. She graduated from the Moscow State University of Information Technologies and the Russian State Art and Industrial University named after Sergei Grigoryevich Stroganov. Now he lives in New Moscow. She was born in the village of Krasnoe in the Moscow region in 1970. The artist successfully works in various genres of fine art, a regular participant in many exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad. She has participated in more than 200 exhibitions. Her works have been numerous winners of international competitions – in China, India, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the world. Many of her works are in museums and private collections.

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